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Cydia Submission

Your creations, in the hands of millions.

Every day, many people open Cydia to discover new content. With CodeThemed's direct submission to Cydia through ZodTTD, sharing your creations is simple.

How to Submit

When signed in to CodeThemed, build a theme with our Theme Builder and save it. Visit My Themes and locate the theme you just created. Simply click "Send to Cydia" and a box will appear with more information.

Ineligible themes

In order to keep Cydia content new and unique, we don't accept themes that use icons or wallpapers provided to you in the Theme Builder. Themes you create and submit must be composed of images you have uploaded.

Submission Guidelines

After sending in your theme, it will undergo review by a staff member and will either be accepted or rejected. Themes must abide by the Cydia Submission Guidelines to be accepted.

Your theme may be rejected if it contains plain, square, unstyled homescreen icons. Please be sure "Auto-Style" is turned on when uploading your own icons — this will automatically round your icon to fit in with iOS.

Also, be sure to upload the highest quality images as possible. Images stretched by the builder may not look clean on Retina display devices. Uploading images of at least 120x120 pixels for iPhone or 144x144 pixels for iPad is recommended to prevent stretching of homescreen icons.

When accepted, your theme's title and description on CodeThemed are automatically used for the Cydia package. These details may be modified by the reviewer for corrections and readability. Your CodeThemed username is used as the package author in Cydia.

Updating your themes

Edit your theme in the Theme Builder and click Save Changes. Return to My Themes and locate the theme you just edited. Click "Send to Cydia" and a box will appear. Choose "click here to submit an update" and your changes will be sent for review.