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The new CodeThemed

A brief walkthrough of what's new.


The Featured tab highlights new and interesting themes. Browse thousands of themes on Popular and Most Recent and download them instantly.

Theme Builder 3.0

A smoother look and feel with a fully rewritten backend. Built to be simple, flexible, and familiar.

Wireless Transfer

From desktop to mobile, themes download over-the-air in seconds with our app and the click of a button. It's never been easier to try themes live.

The Hub

Catch up on content posted by people you follow on CodeThemed, including created themes and comments, in one centralized place.

Unified Search

Every theme and every member available as you type. Thumbnails provide a quick glance before you click.


Any theme works on any device and any system version with automatic scaling happening in the background.


Transform images you upload into authentic iOS-style icons, and create great looking themes about any topic.

Time Style

Make your clock more lively by customizing its font, size, and color.

Dig deep into icons

Adjust the Calendar icon date and time, and use your own notification badges on app icons.