We have been busy working during the past two weeks, and have now released the first update to Theme Builder 2 -- v2.0.1. This updates includes features that didn't make it to the version 2.0.0 launch and bug fixes reported by users with the Feedback tab.

(It should be noted that you can see the latest version of the builder at any time by looking at the bottom right corner of the page. Clicking on the version number allows you to see any changes in that version.)

You can see the changes in this update here.

This update wasn't exactly an easy one, which is why it took longer than we intended it to. We rewrote the saving, downloading, screenshotting, and some of the transferring system completely to fit the new features and for a more robust and simple architecture.

In Save Changes, we took a few steps to improve stability and response time. We implemented a new method of storing data which analyzes and progressively creates a WinterBoard theme as you build one on the builder, and an automatic system that can detect what you've changed each time you save. Combining both of these systems allows themes to save much faster than before.

Because saving automatically creates and stores a finished theme now, downloading was a fairly simple process. To improve it just a bit, we added support for RAR archives which wasn't possible in v1. A screenshot of the theme is also included in each archive downloaded.

You may have noticed that theme display pages around the site have been tweaked a little. We replaced our 5-star rating system for an easier and more obvious thumbs up or down system. We noticed that not many users were using the 5-star system, so we believe this will increase user voting activity.

We are now working on Retina display support and Extras, but do not have an estimation of when these will be finished. We do highly appreciate your patience. Whenever we do have an estimation, it will be posted on our Twitter account, so please do not ask us when these features will be available.

We hope you all enjoy the new abilities, and as always, let us know any bugs or ideas with the Feedback tab on the right or with the Contact page at the top.

Also: We are going to be submitting a free update to our Cydia application which fixes any crashing or Error Code issues. Expect it to be available some time over the next couple of days.

— CodeThemed Team