We're thrilled to announce that the new CodeThemed, our extensive overhaul of the look and feel of our site and app, is going to be available on Friday, June 7th.

The new CodeThemed's design goes back to the basics, making every way you customize your mobile life more simple and beautiful. Each page of the desktop site has been specially recreated, including the new Gallery which highlights interesting new content created by users every day.

Our new Theme Builder takes customization further. With Iconify, images you upload are automatically transformed into authentic iOS icons. We've enhanced label styles, now allowing full visual control over the look and placement of the calendar icon dates and status bar time. App badges, folder and multitasking bar customization, and even more enhancements are included.

Our mobile app has been rebuilt with an updated design, new Theme Builder, and a new wireless transfer system. You can create and discover themes on your computer and instantaneously have them installed to your device over-the-air with just a few clicks.

Now every theme works on every iOS device and firmware. So, you can create a theme designed for your device, and anyone else can use it with automatic upscaling, downscaling, and theme structuring happening behind the scenes.

Over the past three months, our private beta of the new CodeThemed has been a success. We thank all of those who helped test and provided feedback.

The website and app will be temporarily unaccessible as we transition to our new backend and upgrade existing themes to work on all iOS devices and firmwares. Follow us on Twitter for updates regarding this.

We can't wait to share what we've been working on and for it to be in your hands.

Ta ta for now,

— CodeThemed Team